Professional cleaning of windows and facades

Single and subscription cleaning of windows and window frames, showcases, facades, glass doors and surfaces. Sauber cleaning company.

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Cleaning of windows and facades

We offer a subscription and one-time service for cleaning windows and window frames. Your showcases, facades, glass doors and surfaces will be even more brilliant. We guarantee a neat appearance. At Sauber, we have modern equipment and highly trained teams for cleaning different types and sizes of glass and facade surfaces – telescopes for high-altitude cleaning, scaffolding, scaffolding and other specialized equipment. In hard-to-reach places, we work with professional climbers who have gained a lot of experience and can remove any dirt regardless of the height We work using modern methods, which allows us to clean all hard-to-reach places and dirty facade surfaces with different architecture. We comply with all modern safety requirements. Depending on the degree of contamination, the type of facade and its cladding, we choose the most suitable preparations and apply different techniques for cleaning. Due to the specificity of each cleaning area, it is important for us to understand more about the characteristic features of the object – square footage, surface, height, degree of contamination and others. If necessary, our specialist will make an inspection. This way we will be able to give correct information and calculate the best price. Ask about our services by sending your inquiry online or by contacting us on the indicated phones.

Why Sauber?

Sauber offers a guaranteed and certified quality service that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow coincidences but draw up a plan after a preliminary inspection of the site. This plan includes just the activities you need.