Professional office and home cleaning services

Home Services

Office cleaning

We offer basic and subscription cleaning for your office.

House cleaning

The service includes a complete cleaning of your home.

Services for corporate clients

Cleaning of large commercial complexes, business buildings, production areas, etc. In the whole country.

Technical Support

Elimination of technical problems and accidents, monthly preventive maintenance in your office.

Separate waste collection

We provide custom-made containers for separate collection of paper, plastic and glass, depending on your needs.

Cleaning of facades and windows

We offer a subscription or one-time service for cleaning your showcases, facades, glass doors and surfaces.

Delivery of hygiene supplies

Delivery of hygiene supplies to your office. We work with proven manufacturers and quality products.

Why Sauber?

Sauber offers a guaranteed and certified quality service that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow coincidences but draw up a plan after a preliminary inspection of the site. This plan includes just the activities you need.