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The Sauber company performs subscription cleaning of offices and homes in the territory of the city of Plovdiv. Contact us for more information. We also offer technical support for corporate clients, supply of hygiene consumables, help with separate collection of waste.

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Sauber company offers professional cleaning in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the fastest growing cities in Bulgaria. In the last decade, industrial enterprises were built here, both with Bulgarian and foreign participation. Vast commercial areas, dealerships of automobile giants and manufacturers of agricultural machinery, appeared near the highway. Apart from geographical and infrastructural advantages, the presence of professional services firms created the conditions for this development. Why choose us, the Sauber team, among all the cleaning companies that offer professional services in Plovdiv? Sauber has over 10 years of experience in the field of cleaning homes and offices. We have more than 300+ satisfied corporate and private customers. We have the skills to meet the requirements and offer you a comprehensive solution. We use high-quality products that protect nature and do not harm people’s health. Together with consultants, you have the opportunity to choose a set of services. We will optimize costs and time together with you. Take a look at our services in the field of professional cleaning in Plovdiv and the region.

Office cleaning in Plovdiv

The service includes two options: subscription cleaning and one-off, if necessary.

Subscription cleaning of offices includes hygiene of work premises, offices, sanitary and service premises , corridors, stairwells and lobbies, meeting rooms. Also, the team offers maintenance of cleanliness in elevators, production premises, according to the type of business, etc. You can also order a service for regular flower care, waste disposal.

The second type of service offer is related to one-time basic office cleaning. The package includes window cleaning – window frames, showcases, blinds; of upholstery and upholstered furniture; on all types of flooring – hard and soft; hygiene of sanitary facilities – bathroom furniture, faience, terracotta, etc.

Company Sauber guarantees a high quality of professional service – brilliant cleanliness, coziness and comfort of the working environment. Permanent stains that endanger the health of your employees are removed!

Cleaning homes in Plovdiv

We offer professional home cleaning: subscription or partial/single tap, according to the needs of your home.

Basic home cleaning is a complex service and includes cleaning windows and window frames, blinds, upholstered furniture, cleaning floors in all rooms of your home, as well as cleaning terraces, bathrooms and toilets. Sauber will provide first-class quality with the equipment and professional team for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in Plovdiv.

If you prefer subscription home cleaning for your home in Plovdiv, you will receive a guarantee of maximum cleanliness of the home.

For corporate customers

Sauber offers a special service for cleaning for corporate clients with large offices on one or several floors, business buildings, warehouses and etc. Our corporate clients – Kaufland, Lidl, M-tel, Vivacom, Raiffeisen Bank, Alfa Bank, as well as shopping centers – City Center Sofia, Mall of Sofia, others, have already benefited from the service at cleaning and convinced themselves of the high quality standards. This complex service includes complete site cleaning – shops, corridors, lobbies, offices, stairwells, elevators, building windows and facades.

Technical Support

Sauber offers technical support for the city of Plovdiv. We present to you a subscription service “Officefix”. It has been developed specifically for office premises and includes 24/7 breakdown repair service. The professionally trained team responds in a timely manner to a call, and the service includes repair of damage to plumbing, electrical supply, heating systems, as well as repainting, chipping, drilling, furnishing and minor repairs.

Extremely reliable, the Officefix subscription service includes monthly prevention of offices in the city of Plovdiv for the purpose of maintenance and accident prevention.

Separate waste collection

Use Eco Box subscription service – separate collection of waste in the office. The Sauber team provides special bins for separate collection of waste, which will be placed in your office premises.

The Eco Box service is available in the city of Plovdiv and includes weekly disposal of the collected waste, structuring and transportation to the specialized recycling depots in Plovdiv.

Supply of hygiene supplies

In addition to the cleaning services, you can also turn your attention to the service of maintenance and refilling with detergents and cleaning agents and hygiene consumables from Sauber. This is a service that saves a lot of time and energy from shopping, reading labels and researching brands – to buy the right detergents. Sauber will provide you with professional cleaning products and consumables that are environmentally friendly and harmless to health.

Contact us by phone, email or through the contact form on the site to get additional information on cleaning services in Plovdiv and the region!

Save Time and Money with Sauber. For 15 years we have been offering services for the workplace and home that meet high standards. We guarantee high-quality work, tailored to your requirements and needs. In Plovdiv you can contact us at:

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