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Sauber company performs subscription cleaning of offices and homes on the territory of Sofia-city and Sofia region. Contact us for more information. We also offer technical support for corporate clients, delivery of hygiene consumables, assistance with separate waste collection.
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Why choose Sauber among all cleaning companies?

Because Sauber has more than 10 years of experience and many satisfied customers. Because Sauber is close to you and offers professional cleaning in Sofia and surrounding towns.

Check out our services:

Office cleaning in Sofia

Office cleaning in Sofia is offered in two options: mainly on request and subscription.

“Subscription cleaning Sofia”: includes treatment of work areas, service and sanitary premises, conference rooms, corridors, staircases and lobbies, elevators and production premises. The team also offers a waste disposal service, flower care and stocking with hygiene supplies. “Subscription cleaning Sofia” provides a hygienist on duty at your place during the working day.

Basic office cleaning“: covers washing and polishing windows, showcases and window frames, various types of blinds; washing and drying of various floor coverings, upholstered furniture with drying, sanitizing of sanitary facilities, faience and terracotta. Sauber as a cleaning company guarantees the quality of our services.

House cleaning in Sofia

Sauber also offers professional cleaning of homes. You can choose basic or partial one-off, or subscription cleaning Sofia for home users. The main service is complex and includes: floor treatment, washing and polishing of windows, upholstered furniture and joinery, blinds in all rooms of your home, as well as sanitizing of toilet, bathroom, washing of terraces. With us, you will receive first-class quality of service, because we handle high-quality equipment and preparations. The service “Subscription cleaning Sofia” will guarantee maximum cleanliness of your home.

For corporate customers

Companies such as Kaufland, Lidl, Raiffeisen Bank, M-tel, Renault, Vivacom, Alpha Bank, as well as shopping centers – Mall Sofia, City Center Sofia, and others have already benefited from the service for corporate customers. This is a complex cleaning service that includes a complete cleaning of an object – office premises, shops, corridors, lobbies, stairwells, etc.

Technical Support

Technical support for Sofia is an “Officefix” subscription service. Developed especially by for the needs of the office, it includes 24-hour service for repairing damages. Our professional team guarantees a quick response in the event of an emergency. This includes repairs to the electrical network, plumbing, heating systems, repainting of walls and ceilings, replacement of flooring, chipping, drilling, furnishing, minor repairs, etc. The subscription service Officefix is ​​extremely reliable, as it includes a monthly preventive maintenance of the office in Sofia in order to maintain and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Separate waste collection

Eco Box subscription service from provides you with the possibility of separate collection of waste in the office. Our team will provide you with bins for separate waste collection. Containers for separate waste collection are made with an elegant design that will not threaten your office, but will fit discreetly into the general atmosphere of the premises. The Eco Box service includes weekly disposal of the collected waste, its structuring and transportation to specialized landfills for recycling.

Windows and facades offers a subscription or one-time service for washing windows and facades. It includes the care of storefronts, glass doors and surfaces and facades and will provide you with a neat appearance of the business building.

Supply of hygiene supplies

In addition to cleaning services, also offers maintenance services and refilling with hygiene consumables and detergents and cleaning agents. This service saves time and energy from shopping or choosing the right supplies. only offers products that are environmentally friendly and will not harm your health. Contact us by phone, email or through the contact form on the site to get additional information on cleaning services for the city of Sofia!


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