Professional cleaning and maintenance

For offices

Sauber offers professional cleaning for offices of various size and complexity. The quality of our services guarantees a nice working environment and an excellent atmosphere.

For homes

We clean any type of contaminated area in the home. We aim to reach the most inaccessible places and to refresh all the rooms according to their specifics. The service is performed at a convenient time for you.

Corporate clients

Clean all your facilities with one company at a time. Trust the professionalism and provide quality service for you and your employees. We will take care of your comfort.


Delivery of supplies

We deliver all the necessary supplies for your home and office.

Waste recycling

Think about the environment!

About us

Sauber is a leader among the well-known professional cleaning companies in Bulgaria. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. It is our responsibility and mission to be perfect in our work to every small detail. Sauber cleaning company has more than 1000 employees with excellent qualifications.

Clients who trusted us


„Sauber“ is a loyal partner, with a professional attitude in the performance of their duties, and we can recommend them to companies in need of a professional cleaning service.”

„Melan“ AD

Office manager

“Sauber” is a correct partner with a professional attitude in fulfilling its obligations, which gives me reason to recommend it to others who need the company’s services.”
AIG Life

Public relations and administration

“The performance of the Sauber service is characterized by absolute professionalism, with strict observance of all our requirements and impressive control over their employees.”
„SE Bordntze – Bulgaria“ Ltd.

Chief legal adviser

“Sauber, the company hired by us, carried out its activities with quality and on time. The employees were correct, kind and very diligent. Their activity was distinguished by extreme precision and reliability. The assigned work was carried out accurately and flawlessly.”

Techem Services Ltd


“The company correctly fulfils its commitment to the daily cleaning of our sites following the requirements of our contract. The services are performed professionally, with the necessary professional equipment.”
Director of "Operations"


Why Sauber?

Sauber offers a guaranteed and certified quality service that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow coincidences but draw up a plan after a preliminary inspection of the site. This plan includes just the activities you need.

Professional cleaning company Sauber
provides services in the following areas:

One-time and subscription cleaning of offices

A pleasant working environment, proper maintenance of cleanliness and order in your office will contribute to the comfort of employees and will help to increase the authority of your business in front of your customers .

Sauber offers the service for hygiene maintenance in offices of different areas and degrees of complexity. The quality of our services ensures a brilliant working environment and an excellent working atmosphere. Light will enter the working premises through clean windows and showcases.

House cleaning - on request and by subscription

Home cleaning consists of the basic cleaning of any type of contaminated areas and surfaces in a home. Due to the specific wishes of each client, we have prepared four packages of services to satisfy all your requirements.

When we clean the home, we put professionalism. We aim to reach the most difficult-to-reach places and refresh all rooms according to their specifics. The service is performed at a time convenient for you by our company.

Cleaning contracts with corporate clients

One of the advantages of this type of contract is to work in all facilities of a corporation at the same time with the same firm. Trust the professionalism and provide quality service for you and your employees. We will take care of your comfort.

The team of our cleaning company consists of over 1000 qualified hygienists, specialized in working with shopping complexes, business buildings, production areas, chain stores, banks, showrooms, super- and hypermarkets in the whole country.

Technical maintenance, repairs and prevention of systems and equipment

We monitor and take care of your office and your equipment. In addition to specialists in our main activity, our team includes masters who provide quality maintenance of climate, water supply and electrical networks, carry out minor repairs and make a complete tuning your office.

Delivery of hygiene and other consumables

We deliver all the necessary hygiene supplies needed for normal everyday life in the office. From sacks to detergents, roll paper for hands and more.

EcoBox separate waste collection

Think about the environment! We provide special containers for separate waste collection: paper, plastic and glass.

Environmental care is of utmost importance and we are committed to helping you keep the Earth clean.