Waste recycling

Environmental care is of great importance and we are committed to helping you keep the Earth clean. We provide special containers for the separate collection of paper, plastic and glass.
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Why ecobox?

Separate waste collection is a responsible and environmentally friendly solution. It is an important process for the recycling of raw materials such as paper, plastic and glass, which is essential for the protection of air, soil and water in Bulgaria.

How it works?

We provide you with specially made containers for separate collection of paper and plastic. The containers are of a size and design that are discreet and do not threaten your premises.

We take care of the disposal of the collected waste every week by organizing its transport to containers for separate collection.
With ecobox you contribute to keeping our environment clean nature!

we provide containers

we collect from the office

we recycle

Why Sauber?

Sauber offers a guaranteed and certified quality service that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow coincidences but draw up a plan after a preliminary inspection of the site. This plan includes just the activities you need.