Professional office cleaning and maintenance

A pleasant working environment, the proper maintenance of cleanliness and order in your office will contribute to the comfort of employees and will help to increase the authority of your business in front of your customers.
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Subscription cleaning

Flexible proposal for cleanliness in the office.

Basic cleaning

Refresh your workspace.

Professional cleaning for offices

Sauber offers professional cleaning of offices of different size and degree of complexity, administrative buildings, common areas and adjacent areas. The service is aimed both at small companies and at large corporate offices with a large RZP.

Each room has its own specifics, which affects the arrangement, furniture and equipment of the working rooms. We comply with your needs and internal rules, perform the service professionally, without interfering with the work process.

The quality of our services guarantees a brilliant working environment and an excellent working atmosphere. Ask for a quote and you will receive a comprehensive personal solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Additional Services

Technical Support
Delivery of hygiene supplies
Delivery of cleaning products
Washing of showcases and windows
Waste recycling
Disinsection and deratisation
24-hour duty staff
Care for interior greenery
Snow cleaning
Cleaning of outdoor areas and garages
Other services requested by the client

Benefits and benefits


Our employees are professionals with many years of experience who have completed all the necessary courses.


A separate manager is responsible for each site and monitors the quality of the service.


Responsible 24/7 for all your special requirements, emergencies and orders.


An online system that facilitates customer feedback and assistance.


You receive a completely personalized decision, tailored to your specific requirements.

Пълна прозрачностaFULL TRANSPARENCY

All costs for services, supplies and materials in one monthly invoice.

How we work?

Due to the specifics of each of the activities and the cleaning areas, we need to understand more about the characteristics of the site – floor space, number of premises, number of employees, occupancy rate and others. If necessary, our specialist will make an additional inspection. In this way, we will be able to provide correct information on the organization of the service and will calculate the best price. You receive a complete personal solution tailored to your specific needs. Ask for our services by sending your inquiry online or contact us via phone.

We gather information

(area, number of rooms, etc.)

We inspect the premises

(if needed)

We calculate the best price

Why Sauber?

Sauber offers a guaranteed and certified quality service that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow coincidences but draw up a plan after a preliminary inspection of the site. This plan includes just the activities you need.